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Chair makeover with homemade chalk paint


Hi everyone, today I am going to show you how I refurbished these two cute chairs I luckily found at a fleamarket for $4 each. That’s right! Each costed me $4! This is my first experiment with homemade chalk paint and I thought if anything went wrong, the chairs were so cheap that it wouldn’t even matter and I would still get some learning experience out of it. I must say I am pretty impressed with the results of this paint. I can’t comment on the difference between my paint and Annie Sloan’s one, but mine went on pretty smoothly and I only needed two coats.  I am very pleased with the results!

I really want to try Annie Sloan chalk paint, but I feel that I don’t need to invest in it just yet for my small furniture projects. I just purchased a round oak table for my dining room at a garage sale that will need some refurbishing. Since this is a bigger piece I think I will try using Annie Sloan chalk paint for the white pedestal. But that’s another tutorial that will be coming up in the next week or so. For now, let’s get started with the chairs.

Materials and Instructions for chalk paint

Materials used for Chalk Paint

Plaster of paris ( It costs under $7 for 4lbs at Lowes)
Paint ( I purchased mine from Lowes from the sample display in colors green (Silver Leaf) and white (Horseradish) for under $3 each jar.

Mix 1/4 cup of plaster of paris with 1/4 cup of warm water. Mix it well until plaster is fully dissolved.

Add 1 cup of paint. Mix it very well so plaster doesnt sit at bottom.  Thats it!

Do this for every color you use on your project.



I wiped the chairs with a moist cloth to get any dirt off. Then I used 100 grit sandpaper lightly to remove any roughness. I wiped the chair again to remove any dust from sanding.

I painted the bottom of both chairs first then the tops. I used a brush to apply the paint and the first coat appeared very streaky, but flat and chalky to touch.

I went ahead and applied one more coat and got exactly the look I wanted for the chairs.

Painted chairs

This paint dries pretty fast, but since I wanted a break after painting both of them, I left them to rest under the sun for a couple of hours.

Once the chairs were dry, I wipe them with a clean dry cloth and applied a clear wax to seal and harden the chairs. I used a lint free cloth, cheese cloths also works well, and massaged the wax all over the chairs, making sure the application was even and that I didn’t leave any blobs of wax in any crevices.  I used Minwax Wax in natural.

Waxing process

Since  I wanted a shabby chic look for these chairs, I distressed them as one last step. I used 100 grit sandpaper and sanded everywhere I wanted to look distressed. It turned out pretty awesome.

Distressing process

The paint was super easy to make and apply. Also, one can make the paint in any color desired. I will definitely keep using my chalk paint for other furniture projects. I simply love the look of these two little chairs!

Finished Chair
Finished Chair


Lets talk! Comment below your ideas or questions. Let me know if you made your own paint and how it turned out. I know there are many other  homemade recipes for chalk paint. However, I like mine because it was very affordable and easy to make and work with.