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Five Awesome Pallet Ideas

Hi everyone, Since wood pallet seems to be  is the hype these days, and I am a total pallet addict, seriously, anywhere I see pallets I want to bring them home, I am going to list in this post  5 awesome pallet projects. There are so many things we can do with wood pallets, furniture, signs, shelves, coffee tables, flower boxes, and the list goes on and on. You can find tons of pallet project on pinterest, but here is a list of five awesome pallet ideas that I find simple to make, yet  cool and functional. 5 Awesome Pallet Ideas

Pallet Shelves

This is a very simple and easy to follow step-by-step shelf project. They built two sizes shelves using only 6 pallet’s slats. I like how they used 4 slats onto the bigger one to make it longer.  It probably took one whole pallet to make the entire project. Very functional.

Spoon Hook Rack

Adorable and easy to make kitchen hook tutorial. She shows step-by-step how she uses a pallet board and spoons as hooks for hanging kitchen towels, apron, etc. She shows in details how she achieved the curved spoons for the hooks. She also attempts to  stamp words on the spoons but she fails and find a clever solution of simply using a sharpie to write the spices names on them. Very cute and clever.

Plate Wall Art

In this project, she shows how she uses pallet’s board and plates to  make a cute wall art.  She explains in details and pretty nice photos how she treats the wood and attach the plates to it. Se uses white plates that go really well with her decoration. However the choices of plates are endless, it all depends in your decoration and style. Another awesome project that looks simple to accomplish and the end result is very cute.

Pallet Shelf

Here is another pallet shelf. This one is a bit more involved than the first one, but still very easy project and the end result is just beautiful. She shows step-by-step with pictures how she makes the shelf. She also provides a cute bathroom printable. Very nice project that seems simple enough to build with a very cute end result.


In this DIY she shows how she makes her beautiful letters for her kitchen wall. According to her, it took a half hour to cut the letters. She doesn’t paint the wood which makes this project very even more rustic. Very fun and quick project to make.

Thats it, I hope you enjoyed these projects and let me know if you tried any of them and how they turned up.