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Thrift Stores Tips

Hi everyone, visiting thrift stores is so much fun. To me its a true experience of excitement. its like going treasure hunting. However, keep in mind that thrift stores in good neighborhoods have better things and that frequency is the key to find that something pretty for you home. I am luck enough to live in a good area where many of the thrift stores around me are awesomely packed with interesting things. Lets put this way,  I never leave my local store empty handed.  If you are wondering where your local thrift stores are located, here is a directory that will help you find one in your area.

So today my post is about a compilation of great articles with tips for shopping at thrift stores.

In this post she shows 10 thrift store shopping tips and how to decorate on a budget. Source: LiveLoveDIY

This blogger writes five things you should always buy from the Thrift Store.
Source: MakerMama

In this post she writes the lessons she learned shopping at Thrift Stores. Source: MoneySavingMom


In this posts she writes about how to decorate with Thrift Store finds and the best things to buy. Source: InMyOwnStyle

Is the post they talk about the 10 Common Thrift Store Finds (And Ways to Use Them for DIY Projects). Source: ApartmentTherapy

I hope you enjoyed the articles my lovelies. Thanks for stopping by.