National Thrift Store Directory

National Thrift Store Directory

I love visiting thrift stores because you can find great things for an amazing price tag. I might  find things that don’t have much of an appeal at first sight, but  sometimes I can turn certain pieces that I thought it wouldn’t work with my decoration into beautiful pieces for my home that immediately beautifies it and  adds character. For example, if you find a sad and beat up dresser you can totally give it a makeover by giving it a fresh coat of paint, adding pretty hardware, or even transforming it into something else. Same thing applies to small things like vases, decorative pieces, lamps, and silverware. The possibilities are endless and that’s exactly why I love thrifting, its like going treasure hunt.

The key to find good things at thrift stores is frequency. Keep visiting every week or so, they always receive new items and you will find something interesting.

This website is the National Thrift Store Directory where you can find stores around your area.

I hope you enjoyed thrifting as much as I do and don’t hesitate to leave your comments down below. I would love to hear your experiences.

Happy thrifting 🙂


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